Welcome to Chhabria Seshadri Securities

Time is fast becoming a valuable commodity. The various demand on executives are on the rise, with worldwide communication and increasing globalization leading to individuals barely balancing occupational, financial and familial obligations in the space of 24 hours.  In a world where results are computed in microseconds we understand your time is precious.

We are a global financial services company that has mastered the expertise of providing sound financial planning and advice to people and MNC clients to attain their investment goals and aspirations. Having weathered the recent recession Chhabria Seshadri Securities is now prepared to explore what promises to be a new era in Indian financial markets. Over the years, we have been successfully advising our clients ranging from entrepreneurs to retired people to software professional to HNIs. Our advice covers investment vehicles in the areas of Online Equity Trading (BSE and NSE), Mutual Funds, General, Life Insurance and Tax Saving Products in order to build a strong foundation on which our clients can live safe and financially secure lives.

Our goal is to ensure your peace of mind by securing your financial future so that you have one less issue to worry about.

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